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Ligne de Front(s) 2023
Ligne d'Horizon, 2021
Ligne d'Horizon, 2021
Clio Art Fair, 2020
Orthez, 2018
Now is the Time, 2018
Now is the Time, 2018
Panorama, 2012
Fountain Art Fair, 2014
It's a small small world, 2012

Born in 1971, live and work in Orthez, France.
No gallery representation.

I have been included since 2019 in the White Columns' Curated Artist Registry.


2023  Ligne de Front(s), Passage Carnot, Pau, France

2021: Ligne d'Horizon, Chapelle de la Persévérance, Pau, France

2018: Now Is The Time, Marché de Lerme, Bordeaux, France.
2012: Panorama 2006-2012, Atrium Culture, Dax, France.

The cave, Atalante Theater, Bayonne, France.
2011:  Ashes in the Eyes, Art & Culture Museum, Lescar, France.
The Cell, Chapel of the Perseverance, Pau, France.
2010: Childhood, La Galerie d'Art, Mourenx, France.
2007:  Oeuvres 2000-2007, Art en Stalles gallery, Pouzac, France.
2003: Jérôme Forsans, La Despernada Art Center, Villañueva de la Cañada (Madrid), Spain.
2002:  Le Fil de la Vie, Espacio Meteora Art Center, Sevilla, Spain.
2001:  Fil(s) d'Amour, French Cultural Institut of Seville,  Sevilla, Spain. 



2006: Jérôme Forsans As seen by the World's Children, Halle des Chartrons, Bordeaux, France
2004-2006 : Exhibits in schools in France, Senegal, Israel, Chile, and India.  


2022: My body/My choice, A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn

2020: Clio Art Fair, New York

2019: Wish You Were Here, A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn

2018: 6x6, Rochester Contemporary Art Center (Roco), NY

2015: "You've got mail!", Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn.
2014: Fountain Art Fair, with the collective Hullabaloo, Park avenue Armory, New-York.
2012: Itsa Small Small World, curated by Jayson Musson (aka Hennessy Youngman) at Family Business Gallery, Chelsea, New-York.

2003: Brave Destiny,  surrealism and outsider artists, at the"Williamsburg Art and Historical Center" Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Characterism, Pop Culture Art in USA and Japon, at the "Williamsburg Art and Historical Center", Brooklyn, New-York, USA.

2001:   Strip-Art 7th Mostra of young creators from Barcelona, Espai Jove Boca Nord, Barcelona, Spain.


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